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Bedding from is made to fit your exact bed dimensions. Using our custom bedding product designer, you can create the perfect bedding comforters or luxury bedding for any size bed. Whether you need king size duvet covers or queen size down comforters, we can create the perfect fit. We are proud to offer a number of bedding types through our design store. Gathered, throw, un-quilted, quilted, semi-fitted, down, duvet, and more!

Once you have designed the perfect set, most custom bedding is shipped within three weeks. Because our comforters and luxury bedding sets are designed to your exact specifications, some order may take longer. If you are in need of designer duvet covers or down comforters, use our product designer to create the perfect match to any bed type. Build to fit any king size, queen size, modern, contemporary, or double bed.

How do I start customizing?

Creating the perfect custom bedding is as easy as 1-2-3. First, choose the style comforter. Gathered, throw, duvet cover, down? Next, choose the fabric. Are you looking for a contemporary, modern, or decorative style? Finally, enter the dimensions of your bedding. Please be sure to enter in the exact specs for each type because all bed manufacturers vary in widths, lengths and mattress thickness, whether it is king size or queen size, every inch matters in creating the perfect home decor. Once this is done, our product designer will give you the exact price for your order. You can either continue on through our secure shopping cart or go back and create a new design.

We are the one stop shop for creating the perfect home interior design. We have all of your decorative interior solutions for guest rooms, master bedroom suites, nurseries, pre-teens, teens, guest suites, and more. Custom bedding, comforters, and luxury bedding sets have a new name. Start customizing today.